Aditya Bayu Perdana

︎︎︎ Please give us an introduction of yourself.
My name is Bayu, currently pursuing a master degree of architecture in Jakarta. Has many interests, especially pertaining to the design, language, and culture.

︎︎︎ What does a typical day look like for you?
Got up, perform morning rituals (tea if it's lax day, latte if it's busy day), open laptop, oscillates between combing sources on the internet, finishing thesis (at the moment), and idle browsing. Tried to not sleep too late.

︎︎︎ What got you interested in typography?
I remember seeing some really ugly traditional script during highschool and thought that learning about typography might provide the chance to rid myself of seeing such traversy. Though, I am still learning to this day.

︎︎︎ You work on a lot of traditional non-Latin type and research, can you share more on that?
Indonesia is home to almost a dozen traditional scripts, but in everyday life they have been supplanted by Latin. While still taught briefly at schools, it is unfortunate that most modern attempts in using them lacked serious design research. It is not uncommon to see forms that are crude, monotonous, or contain embarrassingly basic mistakes, which predictably create a lack of interest among younger generations. This is contrary to how these scripts were used in their original setting, in which natural everyday use demanded the natural creation of styles for different purposes. So delving further into these scripts, in my experience, always produces new insights on the people who wrote them and inspiration for my design.

︎︎︎ Which is your favourite, or do you have any favourite styles?
Depends on the script really. For Chinese, I like semi-cursive. Arabic, Nastaliq. Latin, Gaelic. Javanese, Bangil cursive.

︎︎︎ Any hopes and dreams – eg. preservation of culture, etc?
Through my designs, I wish to show that traditional scripts are not outdated scribblings of the past. It is possible to create traditional scripts that are dynamic and responsive to the changing times while still respecting and retaining its inherent characters.