︎︎︎ As an environmentalist, what are your personal views on the state of print?
I'm an environmentalist but that doesn't mean I automatically think print is bad.

I'm an avid reader. I only switched to reading digitally relatively recently because of its convenience. Now that I'm mostly home and have easy access to my own collection of books again, I might go back to print... I've been reading printed books since I learnt my letters, and many of the books that influenced my thinking about a variety of issues were also read in print, so I think that printed books are absolutely great! Physical books have an intangible value and are close to the hearts of many people, and definitely should continue to exist.

Unfortunately, I think print is generally in decline, even though there are many titles, especially Singaporean ones, that can only be found in print and not in digital format.

︎︎︎ How much is the impact of print on the environment? Is it significant or negligible?
Print definitely has an impact on the environment. Trees have to be felled to produce pulp and paper, printing ink releases volatile organic compounds into the atmosphere, and the distribution of books is dependent on carbon intensive transportation. Depending on the way it is disposed, the end of a book's life could also have different impacts on the environment.

As an industry, print could be better, but it isn't one that is responsible for most of the environmental destruction in the world. In the US, print (Books+newspapers) was responsible for 40 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent in 2007, or about 0.1% of global carbon emissions.

︎︎︎ Do you see an advantage to print?
The tactile feeling of print is something that still cannot be replicated by ebooks, and I see the value of having physical books. Print is also able to create a physical community around a book, which is something that is very hard to replicate with a digital version.

︎︎︎ Do you personally think the influence of print negates its impact on the environment?
The ideas contained in books are invaluable to human civilisation. I wouldn't say the influence of print negates it's effects, but the influence of print justifies the impacts it has on the environment, especially if steps are taken to reduce the impacts.  Print's impact on climate change, deforestation and other environmental issues can be mitigated with sustainable sourcing of materials.

︎︎︎ In your opinion, how would you foresee print to exist in future times?

I think print will still be around in the future, but will cater more to communal sharing areas like libraries, or collectors.
︎︎︎ Anything else to add?