North East Co

︎︎︎ Please do an introduction about yourself
My name is Takashi Sasahara, and I run an online bookstore in Tokyo called North East. My bookstore mainly carries publications related to art, photography, and graphic design.
︎︎︎Describe a simple life in a day of yourself/your studio
A normal day in my work usually starts at 10:00 a.m. I read emails I receive from publishers, distributors, artists, and designers from various countries before starting work related to running the bookstore. We also work as a design studio, so I work in collaboration with various people for clients.

︎︎︎ What is printed matter to you?
Printed matter, and especially books, is very important to me both as a tool for my work and as a form of personal belonging that allows me to gain knowledge.

︎︎︎ As a bookstore, how has the print industry changed in the past decade till now?
I believe that the expansion of ebook platforms has had an impact on the print industry. The impact of the rise of publications that do not require physical printing on the print industry has been a subject of discussion for many years. Nevertheless, change is inevitable, and it can serve as a catalyst for the birth of new kinds of businesses.
︎︎︎How do you see print in 10 years' time?
Printing has continued to evolve, and I believe that the print industry and printed matter will also be affected by changes in society, including the utilization of AI, the rise of digital transformation, the development of new technologies such as 3D and AR, as well as environmental considerations, which will likely give rise to many changes and possibilities.
︎︎︎ What are some personal hopes and dreams you have for the print industry?
We can do almost anything today on the screen of a mobile phone. Moving forward, I hope that everyone will be able to produce printed matter more easily than before as a means of sharing their knowledge and experience and as a means of artistic expression.