︎︎︎ Paper is an important factor in print materials, almost co-existing with each other. What do you think of the relationship between the paper industry and print industry?
The print industry has evolved over centuries. Print first existed to record information, and then was used to spread information and value (such as religious books, flyers and money) to the masses. With technological advancement, paper emerged as the most versatile, economical, and efficient medium to the print industry. Paper empowered print to reach the masses. Print, in turn, empowered the masses with information and put value in everyone’s reach (through the printing of money, financial securities certificates and such). The paper & print industries learned and worked cohesively with each other to capture this economic value. 

Today, online marketing and financial transactions are touted to be the most efficient form of conveying information and value to the masses. With this, the print industry is at a crossroads trying to reassess its value to the economy. I believe the print industry will evolve to offer more technological solutions to their customers (and we are not talking about digital print). Then, what of paper?

Paper may eventually become a medium for other technologies, not just print technology alone. Paper with technology, has to re-define its value as a material that is most efficient for the environment. Not just through print but in everyday use, everyday life. As of now, technology is based on certain algorithms that puts us into “boxes”. Paper, on the other hand, is a living material. As we hold it in our hands, it is subtly reacting to us and to its surroundings. Paper doesn’t put us in a box, it empowers us to think out of the box. This, to RJ, has always been the true value of paper.

︎︎︎ How has the demand for paper changed over the years?
We have noticed that paper is being used lesser for mass communication. Thus, the demand for entry-grade papers has declined. However, we witness constant paper usage for information recording, craft, and packaging. Paper is being demanded as a more valuable communication medium.

︎︎︎ RJ Collaborations: As long term collaborators with many artists and makers over the years, what do you think makes paper an important medium in the creative industry?
The wow factor - we take great joy in being a part of the visual & sensory wow effect in creative projects. We have seen how creatives have been using paper in ways which were unthought of in the past.

Melvin Ong from Desinere, Fictional Design, Knuckles & Notch are just some creatives who have shown us how paper can be so versatile in use. We constantly look for new materials to share with the creative industry to discover new things.

︎︎︎ Do you foresee this to stay intact in years to come?
As the world economy changes, new creative ideas will form rapidly. To support these new creative ideas, I foresee increasing cooperation with designers, artists and makers in years to come to bring new ideas into physical reality.

︎︎︎ Anything else to add?
The crystal ball is cloudier than before! We have to constantly be on the lookout to retain value in this ever-changing economy.